In my 16 year professional career, basketball has taken me around the world from America to South America to Australia.

These journeys have helped shape my knowledge, experience and passion.

I can deliver what I’ve learned over the years to kids from beginners to advanced, who have passion for the game and a desire to potentially become elite basketball players, I offer you Wings Basketball Academy!

What we offer:

The program is driven by high performance training plans which are BSA approved and focus on teamwork, creating culture and social inclusion, encouragement and life skills. Improvement will not simply be measured by on court activities but rather by focussing on growth as athlete and students. In order to drive this, players will take part in holiday camps, local and interstate carnivals and tournaments where coaches will evaluate player from the level of opposition they face and the manner in which they respond to physicality and adversity. This is all mental and physical conditioning which will hold you in good stead when district trials are held.

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